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Fitness, fun and friendships. Be part of the Infinite Potential Community 

Welcome to the home of Infinite Potential Fitness. Established in 2022 following a transition from Willis Fitness which was founded in 2018. The name may have changed but the mission and brand has never been clearer.

To Empower your Health and Fitness to Discover your Infinite Potential.

What does the name Infinite Potential mean?

When the business was established by Beth Willis, she wanted to create a symbol and a mindset that opened people up to an idea that more was possible. They could do more, be more and achieve more than they ever thought possible.

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There are 3 routes you can take in order to become part of Infinite Potential Fintess Personal Training Team:

1. In person Personal/Small Group Training

2. Online Training

3. OR hybrid model of them both

The sessions will also be bespoke to you and designed around your personal goals, taking into account your current abilities, likes and dislikes with a focus on functional fitness. At the heart of all sessions is education around the main lifts including squats, pressing and dead lifting along with being able to gain superb control over your own bodyweight.



Stowmarket Bootcamp has been running since July 2018 and providing group fitness sessions to a variety of people, who all keep coming back for more. Each session is designed firstly around safe movement practice and skill, which then develops into a full body approach to test your levels of strength and fitness.









The Infinite Potential Retreat is a Fitness, Wellness, Mindset Retreat designed to boost your self-confidence and leave you ready to take action.

The reasons to attend a retreat first and foremost are for YOURSELF.

We all have busy lives balancing family, friends, work and other commitments but the biggest commitment of all is arguably to your health. The fitter, happier and healthier you are both mentally and physically, the greater influence and support you can provide your loved ones.

At the heart of the Infinite Potential Retreat, is the opportunity for you to put yourself first, slow the pace of life down and enjoy a weekend that will leave you inspired to make positive changes.

We have been running these since January 2020 and they are an opportunity for you to put yourself first for a weekend.



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